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I am very proud to announce the publication of “Drefan and the Knucker Dragon”. I was invited to illustrate this super book by its author, D. J. Williamson. It is the first of 6 volumes about Drefan, an 11 year old boy, whose name means “Trouble”. He lives in Ham Tunn, (the old name for Littlehampton), in the Kingdom of the South Saxons, in the year 550.

Not only is it a fantastic adventure story for boys and girls ages between 8-12 years old, it is also historically accurate in its setting and includes a glossary of terms at the back of the book.

“When some of the younger children start to go missing in the area, vanishing without a trace, the adults blame everything from hungry Witches to the Demons who inhabit the mighty Wildwood for the disappearances. But Drefan believes that he knows the real reason. However, who will take any notice of a boy called Trouble?”

Order your copy from Amazon, HERE!

View the internal illustrations from the book HERE!

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Front Cover

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